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Default Answer Set for April 17, 2012

Member: Majnu
Q1: Are you introducing any female rangers? Russian females kick ass!
A1: We're keeping a lot of the plot and characters under wraps for now, but you'll see a major new character next time we show the game. Is it a he or a she though? We can't say just yet...
Q2: In the E3 demo, the AI looked pretty "dumbed" down. Was that intentional? Can you provide any insights on how the AI will work in Metro: Last Light?
A2: What you saw in the E3 demo from 2011 was a work in progress and should not be considered final. It was designed to showcase our improved gun-play rather than AI. That level plays very differently in the final version just FYI.
Q3: Will Metro: Last Light feature linear gameplay similar to Metro 2033 or will RPG / sandbox elements be incorporated into the storyline to encourage greater exploration of the world?
A3: Metro: Last Light's campaign will progress in a linear fashion similar to Metro 2033. However, a number of levels have been designed specifically to encourage exploration / player choice and have multiple routes through them (similar to Black, Outpost and Frontline from the first game). Some levels are very open and require the player to explore their way through to find a way to continue. Many levels can be completed without having to engage the enemy by utilizing your stealth skills.

Member: SwordBreaker
Q: Will there be a level editor to create maps / missions by fans and share them with other gamers?
A: It's a great idea and something we'd love to do, but just to manage expectations: this is very unlikely for a variety of complex reasons. But we'll keep you posted if things change.

Member: Keegan83
Q: Are the PC system requirements going to be the same as Metro 2033? If not, can you provide the new specifications?
A: When we get closer to the game's release date and all our features have been completed and optimized, the game will go through extensive performance testing across a wide range of PC hardware so we can ensure our requirements and recommended specs are accurate. However, 4A has always taken care to make sure the 4A Engine will work on the widest range of hardware possible and we will continue to further optimize up to and past the game release. Metro 2033 ran well on reasonably average hardware, but also was able to take full advantage of the highest end technology available. Of course, by the time Last Light ships the cutting edge in graphics cards will be further ahead again and we are determined to make sure that early adopters of new cards get a game that really flexes their hardware! At the same time, optimizations to the game engine should make Last Light run better on more modest hardware than Metro 2033 did.

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